kason door closers

Make Use of Kason if You Are Operating in the Food Services Space

kason door closers

Whether you are operating a corner cafĂ©, delicatessen, coffee shop, bistro, catering operation, five star restaurant, hotel, food processing plant, industrial sized nation-wide bakery, it matters not, and you can see, the food services industry list of stakeholders is endless, you should keep your eye out for one of the industry’s standard bearers in bringing you all things to do with refrigeration equipment, heating installations, the doors that must open and close refrigerators and stoves, the sealants and thermostats that keep all its contents safe for consumption.

That recognized brand is Kason. How could you have missed it? There are others too; Delfield, Randell, Beverage-air and True Manufacturing, you name it; the inventory is as extensive as the food services industry. It has been recommended that you utilize kason door closers if you are utilizing commercial refrigerators, cold storage boxes and/or freezers in your business. The brand name is also in service for those running bakeries, catering businesses and franchise owned supermarkets. Commercial sized freezers are walk-in affairs.

The stock stored therein needs to be retrieved regularly. Temperatures also need to be properly regulated, so even though you are utilizing recommended brands as measuring devices, human entry and exit is required to expedite the monitoring process. This point has been brought up to emphasize the necessary safety standards being utilized. It is not only perishable goods that must be kept hygienically safe for consumption, but operating staff must also be able to utilize their work spaces as safely as possible.

Kason specializes in walk-in cooling parts and all its hardware and related accessories. Go through your source supplier’s extensive inventory to find out where you stand in this industry to date and what aspect of your business may need alteration going forward.